Marshall&Metcalf Custom Clothiers

Starting as an independent clothier/stylist firm here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, it wasn’t a surprise to us that no one had heard of us.  We’ve consistently proven that the quality of our work speaks for itself.  Just ask our clients – they’re the ones you admire out on the street and at black tie functions expressing their style as only they can. They’re the guys you pass in the office in a new crisp shirt with that collar you haven’t seen, or the jacket that’s cut as sharp as a knife. “Style is Not a Trend” is the motto we live by. It’s the motto we create by. From timeless classics, to the distinguishable look you’ll want to replicate 10 times over in your closet. Stay ready, and you’ll never have to get ready. Dressing well is a form of good manners. And as a Southern based company…………..The true style of a Southern Gentleman has never lost its flair.


Our Mission

  • Design and deliver a garment as unique as your personality
  • Provide a customer service experience that is unparalleled
  • Help you to define and accent your personal style
  • Maintain a client relationship that defines ‘family’
  • A never-ending quest for innovation and improvement
  • We travel to you regardless of destination
  • One-of-a-kind garments
  • One-stop convenience for all your styling needs
  • A confidence factor that is PRICELESS

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom is an investment. When you have the opportunity to completely design and have a hands on approach to a one of a kind garment for yourself, that’s a priceless moment. We never make the same garment twice, so you truly have a one of a kind garment.

Our garments are handmade in New York, New York. Each detail is painstakingly handcrafted and carefully finished to ensure a bespoke quality and end product that your peers will surely notice.

Our turnaround time for suits is 4 to 4 ½ weeks. Singular garments possibly less, but our standard turnaround is 4 to 4 ½.

We take all major credit cards, checks (subject to approval), and of course cash.

Each item made by our artisans are custom made to your exact measurements and specifications. Because of this process, we are unable to accept the return of any clothing/garments made. We will gladly alter per our +/- 20lbs guarantee or remake any item that does not meet or exceed your expectations for fit. We will not make changes due to the dislike of color of fabric chosen once the garments are constructed. These are bespoke items made for you and you only. We thank you for your understanding and we strive to make your experience as unique as the items we make for you.

We have clients in 4 countries and 13 states. We will travel whenever and wherever we are needed to suit our clients needs. Schedule and appointment and contact us to make arrangements and travel plans.

Not sure which suit is right for you?