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Our garments are renowned for their precision cut, construction, and fit.  It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to make each suit with more than 40 man hours spent cutting, stitching, and finishing your garment by hand. With proper care, these items should definitely stand the test of time.



One of our style consultants will make contact with you to determine a time and place for our initial consultation. Typically your home or office whichever is more convenient is what we suggest.
(If the appointment is out of town/state, travel time is accounted for and the client either comes to my hotel room, or again, I meet them at their home or office.


We'd like to get a feel for each of potential clients and your fashion knowledge. Tell us your likes, dislikes, and interests in your personal style. If in home, we'd like to get a peek at your closet, and/or have you bring us your favorite suit/jacket/shirt. Tell us what your favorites are to help us determine your favorite fit or style. This helps us to determine what fabrics to present and will help us guide you in the right direction of adding to, or creating your own personal style.


With ideas in tow, we carefully select which fabric options are best suited for your garment, and your specific needs. The details of each piece are outlined and we explore the possibilities and contingencies for each look created.


Over 30 measurements are taken from head to toe, along with pictures to correlate to measurements, to ensure proper fit.


Once all details have been selected, payment options are given and secured.


Our typical turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the extensiveness of the order. During this time frame, you'll have the availability to follow the process of your garment via a special customer code given, and entered on this site. When garments near completion, clients are notified and a date and time for a fitting is scheduled.


All garments are hand delivered, never shipped unless specifically requested. During the fitting, you'll be shown the numerous details and factions that go into the construction of your personal garment. Your look, feel, fit, style, and expectations are all addressed, evaluated and any concerns if any, are met. Once you approve of your new wardrobe, final payment is taken and we send you out into the masses to enjoy your new look!!


Your original pattern is cut and kept on file for any and all future orders. We expect to meet your fitting needs and leave little room for error. Upon your approval, all future orders will be made from that exact pattern. Should your weight fluctuate, new measurements will be taken, another pattern will be cut, and that along with the original will remain on file. +/- 20lbs, lifetime alterations are guaranteed for the life of the garment.

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